Food and wine

Abruzzo: land of unique flavors

An area rich in food and wine traditions, where you will discover and savor the crops of the hills and the typical products of the places, such as cheeses, cured meats, extra virgin olive oil, and great local wines.

For a tasteful holiday

Around Tortoreto or in the cities of Val Vibrata, the visitor can deepen his knowledge through the discovery of the landscape and artistic heritage, along food and wine itineraries, such as "The roads of the seven hills", which also allow you to appreciate the crops of the hills and the typical local products, such as fresh and aged cheeses, extra virgin olive oil, vegetables, typical salami deriving from the ancient home-made pork processing and the great Abruzzo wines: Trebbiano, Cerasuolo and Montepulciano. The healthy nature of Abruzzo decisively influences the cuisine and food production of the region. Those who want to take advantage of a trip to Abruzzo to stock up on good traditional products can buy oil, cheeses, wines, sausages, honey, liqueurs and many other specialties. Those who sit at the table can directly appreciate the flavors of a cuisine that is as simple as it is genuine.

The olive tree has been present in the Teramo area since time immemorial, especially from the strip that goes from the sea to the foothills. The name of the local oil, "Pretuziano of the Teramo hills", derives from the ancient name of Teramo whose foundation for some historians is due to the Phoenicians who called it "Petrut", that is "high place surrounded by water" while its territory "Petrutium" from which later in Roman times "Aprutium", from which the entire Abruzzo region took its name.

In recent years, no region has made as important progress in terms of wine as those of Abruzzo. As proof of this, in addition to the growing interest that Abruzzo DOC wines meet on markets throughout Europe, there are numerous international awards and recognitions collected in recent years by the best producers in the region. The traditional vines of Abruzzo are the "Montepulciano" among the reds and the "Trebbiano" among the whites. In recent years they have been joined by sauvignon, chardonnay, aglianico, sangiovese and pinot. The most important production areas are the Pescara valley and the hills of Teramo, Pescara and Chieti. The list of DOC wines of the region includes the fragrant Montepulciano d'Abruzzo (in the red and cherry varieties) with a dry and robust flavor, the dry Trebbiano d'Abruzzo with a delicate fragrance, and the Controguerra, a white and particularly fruity wine. produced in the Teramo area.