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TORTORETO BABY FRIENDLY is a project conceived by the Hoteliers Association of Tortoreto to celebrate the natural vocation of the town, ideal place for the stay of children. families with children, awarded by a team of specialists with the Pediatric Green Flag (which identifies the best Italian beaches suitable for children) and certified by the Blue Flag of Europe for twenty years.
Our mascot Marina, the cute little mermaid who landed in Tortoreto a long time ago, is the fantastic character designed to entertain children during their stay with music, choreography, gadgets and colorful graphics around the city.

The structures that adhere to the project are united by the desire to provide better services to young guests on vacation, ensuring their well-being and fun to the beach with safe spaces and equipment suitable for the tranquility and relaxation of dad and mom.
Accommodation facilities include: -bed with sides for little ones up to 2 years old; -meals for little ones under 2 years old for those with catering; -Chairs at the restaurant for those who have catering; -Parking games in the accommodation and/or on the beach

Tortoreto Blue Flag


Not so long ago, on a warm summer evening illuminated by the full moon, a sweet little mermaid named Marina was playing in the waves of our sea with shells and curious little crabs that enjoyed tickling her tail. While happily joking with an octopus, she was drawn to the lights of the coast and the laughter of some of the children playing, dancing and singing with their moms and dads at the beach establishments. So much joy and what a delicious smell," Marina said as she looked at a restaurant by the sea. "I want to see what's going on down there," Marina said.

slowly approached the coast and arrived on the beach. A little boy saw her and said surprised to his friends, "Look...a little mermaid!" All the children walked towards Marina, happy and curious. "So there are mermaids!" exclaimed one of them. "Sure..." replied Marina. "But not everyone can see us...Only those who believe in the magic of dreams!" Marina, amused by so much attention, told her fantastic adventures with her fish friends and the children told her all the nice things about their vacation in Tortoreto, the games, the walks, the parties and the music. Marina understood why the children were so happy and from that moment on she returned to Tortoreto as often as she could. Every full moon evening - still to this day - Marina returns to visit the children on vacation in our town.

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“La sirenetta Marina is a registered trademark of the Associazione Albergatori ed Operatori Turistici di Tortoreto (all rights reserved).”